As mentioned in the overall hardwood floor Refinishing article – Wood Stairs, Steps & Staircasesare complex enough to warrant their own sub-article. We’ll assume you read the prior article and thus, have basic knowledge about the wood floor refinishing process. So here, we’ll get slightly more in-depth process-wise, but not overwhelmingly so. For wood stairs, the refinishing process is the same, but the parameters shift and force the expert refinishers to accommodate certain steps (no pun intended). First and foremost are the dimensions of the step planks, which need to be cut with even more precision than usual due to the delicate nature of the fittings for stairs. If the dimensions are off even by a small margin, the steps can become safety hazards due to either splintering or uneven surfaces (causing falls).


As well as the actual installation just described, the staining of the steps needs heavy modification as well. When staining the steps, the coats of stain and “poly” are applied very carefully by hand, making the process longer and more delicate. If the sealant is applied incorrectly, it can warp the wood or make the surface uneven. See a pattern here?



Dear Century Custom Hardwood Floor Inc.


Chris and I want to Thank You for doing such an incredible job on our wood stairs. They turned out better than we imagined and make our house more beautiful than we dreamed. We are so impressed with the quality of workmanship and the speed at which you were able to complete the hardwood floor staircase. Our friends and family are amazed as well. We’ll be recommending your hardwood floor services to everyone!



Meredith S. of Los Angeles, CA



Custom Wood Stairs & Steps Production, Installations, Refinishing and Staining in Los Angeles, Malibu, Venice, Pacific Palisades and West L.A.


The entirety of the process needs to be done by a professional with a steady hand in order to be aesthetically and functionally pleasing. Here at CenturyCustom Hardwood Floors, we have several floor-professionals that have been installing and refinishing stairs for years, and we guarantee your satisfaction, regardless of where you live.Pacific Palisades?  No problem. Beverly Hills? Gotcha. Pasadena? Easy.Hollywood? Look out, here we come!


So whether you need wood stairs installedrefinished, or just buffed, call today. You won’t regret it. Remember, you get what you pay for, so why skimp out on you and yours? Call us to schedule Free estimate & design consultation!