How to easily and properly Maintain & Care for your Hardwood Flooring at your Home or Office.


Your wooden floor can last forever if you know how to take good care of it by giving very basic attention to itshardwood floor maintenance. For instance, by just avoiding heavy moisture on the floor you can substantially increase the life of your hardwood floor. This helps in protecting it from heavy wear and scratches and therefore increasing the time before it needs   hardwood floor refinishing. Call (323) 743-8973 for Free Quotes for professional wood floor care!


However the frequently maintenance and cleaning of hardwood floors is required. By just spending some time on themaintenance of your hardwood floor you can extend the life of your floor and can give new look. Dirt, dust and sand can damage the finishing of your floor. With the passage of time, it has proved that to ensure the finish of floor people always remove their shoes when entering the house. Place appropriate sized mats or area rugs near the front and back doorways and try to vacuum that area and the rug frequently. By following just simple and easy rules today, you will not have to hassle tomorrow for the repairing and refinishing of your hardwood floor.


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By keeping some very basic things in mind you can preserve the beauty and shine of your wood floors  longer:

  • Always clean with a professional wood cleaning product.
  • Never use water on your hardwood floors.  Read more about why Water & Wood Don’t Mix
  • Protect your wood floor by placing  mats in high traffic areas and make sure they remain dry and clean.
  • Before cleaning the floor with a cleansing product, vacuum or sweep the floor to rid it of dust and dirt.
  • DO NOT use wet cleaning cloth or mop.
  • DO NOT use ammonia based products to clean.
  • NEVER use shine-wax or any wax based products over the surface coat.
  • Ask guests who are wearing heels to remove them upon entering your home.
  • Be sure to clean up spills immediately, especially liquids.
  • Grit is one of the biggest dangers to your hardwood flooring.



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